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Ox-GEAR Complete Kit – Customisable

Here at Maker Store, we understand that “one size fits all” does not work for everybody. For that reason, we do not lock you into one type of machine, or one type of electronic system.

Put together the machine YOU want by selecting (or not selecting) the different options below.

Unsure about the different options offered? Please scroll down the page past the options selector to read all about the customisable options and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions along the way!
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About the Ox-Gear CNC

The Ox-GEAR CNC is a Maker Store upgrade to our Ox CNC belt-driven design. This Ox-GEAR upgrades the Y-Axis featuring a stronger extrusion paired with the new gear rack and pinion transmission. This allows for the length of the machine to easily go up to 3 meters (or more!) with no more belt stretch! The Ox-GEAR uses gears and racks along the Y-Axis, belt-driven along the X-Axis and lead screw for the Z-Axis.

The Internal Gear Rack was designed right here in-house at Maker Store. Our Gear Racks are designed specifically to allow for continuous lengths by butt joining multiple racks in succession. With this feature, there is almost no limit to how long your axis can be! The Internal Gear Rack is designed to slide inside the channel of our V-Slot Linear Rail and works with all our different V-Slot profiles. Along the Y-Axis the Ox-GEAR benefits from the stronger C-Beam Extrusion, which also helps to keep the gear hidden away from dust. The motor is spring-loaded and mounted to keep the right amount of tension between the gear and the rack.


The Ox-Gear is incredibly simple to assemble and is suitable for milling wood, foam, plastic, soft metals and more. The Ox-GEAR CNC Machine is a 4-axis (3 + 1) machine, this means there are 3 physical axes (X, Y, Z) and a slave axis of Y which is called the A Axis.

The Ox CNC is our most customizable CNC machine and can be supplied in almost any size imaginable. If the application requires a cutting area of larger than 1.5m the Ox is our solution.

The Ox-GEAR has an accuracy from 0.05mm up to 0.0314mm, depending on your stepper driver’s micro-step settings. We use 1/8 micro-stepping, and this results in having 0.063mm precision.

This is a perfect router for the hobby woodworker who wants to get into CNC woodworking. The Ox-GEAR is easily customized and adaptable, all parts of the machine are generic and modular encouraging additions and alterations after the initial mechanical build. Every Ox-GEAR is packed with off-the-shelf parts, every part available individually from Maker Store.

Dimension Details:

Travel (Cutting Area)
500 x 750mm 1000 x 1000mm 1000 x 1500mm 1500 x 1500mm
X-Axis: 280mm 780mm 780mm 1280mm
Y-Axis: 525mm 775mm 1275mm 1275mm
Z-Axis: 69mm 69mm 69mm 69mm
Workable Material Height (max): 57mm with a 12mm Baseboard 57mm with a 12mm Baseboard 57mm with a 12mm Baseboard 57mm with a 12mm Baseboard
Footprint (not including motors): 500mm x 750mm 1000mm x 1000mm 1000mm x 1500mm 1500mm x 1500mm

Tools Required:

Compatible Material for Cutting/Milling:

Cable Management System

When wiring up a CNC Machine, even a simple CNC machine, there will be a lot of cable runs that are needed for all the components of the electronic system. These cables will quickly start getting in the way of moving parts and if there is no cable management there is a serious risk of damaging cables which can be extremely unsafe when the CNC machine is operating.

Simply cable tying the cables to your frame will not work because the CNC machine axis is constantly moving, so the cables too must move with the axis.

Cable Drag Chains are a solution to cable management. When it comes to cable drag chains, if you have the space for them, the larger the better. It is easier to feed a new cable through a larger drag chain than it is trying to force a cable through an already full smaller drag chain. Cable Drag Chains very quickly fill up with the numerous cables that are running around the CNC Machine.

Our 15x30mm Cable Drag Chains have each individual link able to be opened up, this is an incredibly useful feature the smaller drag chains do not have. Drag chains can be shortened or lengthened by simply removing or joining links of the chain.

Electronic System

When it comes to deciding on an electronic system to control your CNC machine there are many opinions on the options to choose from and researching these can lead you down a rabbit hole. However, a great place to start is with the software. The choice of software to control your machine will dictate the options available for electronic hardware. To read more about Electronic Systems please read here

xPRO V5 Motion Control System

This electronics bundle contains all the required electronics to operate the CNC machine. The only part you need to bring is a computer.

The xPRO V5 Motion Control System is our easiest to set up and learn and most user-friendly electronic control system.

High Torque GRBL System

This electronics bundle is the most flexible and adaptable CNC control system we offer.

This system does take a bit more to set up, but can be adapted and changed to suit a vast range of different applications.

Spindle / Router Mount

A Spindle/Router Mounting Bracket is the best choice if you are using a standard Makita/Dewalt/Bosch router. Check the diameter of your router before choosing the size.

The 400W Air Cooled Spindle is a DC motor similar to a router. These spindles are relatively safe to use and run on 48VDC. If a fault condition ever occurs no serious harm will come to the user. Small spindles such as this can perform the same cuts and run times as a standard router. The run-out for the 400W Spindle is generally more accurate that a router.


Touch Probe

There are two options when selecting a Touch Probe. 

One is a simple touch probe used for correctly offsetting the Z Height from the workpiece prior to beginning a job. The other option is an XYZ Touch Probe that is used to accurately set the 0, 0, 0 coordinate of the workpiece prior to beginning a job.



The Ox V4 plates were designed by Steven of Maker Store. This design allowed for a gear rack and pinion transmission system on the Y-Axis.

The Internal MOD 1.0 Gear Rack was designed by Steven of Maker Store.

The first belt-driven Ox System was designed by the team at OpenBuilds USA. Maker Store is a proud registered distributor of the Open Source line of products based on the designs by OpenBuilds. Please note the Maker Store Ox is heavily customised and upgraded to the original design by OpenBuilds.