CNC Add-Ons

Here at Maker Store, we understand that “one size fits all” does not work for everybody. For that reason, we do not lock you into one type of machine, or one type of electronic system.

For a complete CNC Machine, 4 components are required. Mechanical Kit, Electronic System, Cable management, and Spindle/Router.

Electronic System

The choice of electronics that will be used to control the CNC Machine is dictated by the software that will be used. Read here for an in-depth look at the options we offer here at Maker Store.

Cable Management

When wiring up a CNC Machine, even a simple CNC machine, there will be a lot of cable runs that are needed for all the components of the electronic system. Read here for more information about cable management.

Spindle / Router

The Cutting Tool that is mounted to the CNC Machine dictates what type of CNC machine it is. CNC Routers and CNC Mills use Routers or Spindles.