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OX GEAR RACK 11The Ox-GEAR CNC is a Maker Store upgrade to our Ox CNC belt-driven design. This Ox-GEAR upgrades the Y-Axis featuring a stronger extrusion paired with the new gear rack and pinion transmission. This allows for the length of the machine to easily go up to 3 meters (or more!) with no more belt stretch! The Ox-GEAR uses gears and racks along the Y-Axis, belt-driven along the X-Axis, and lead screw for the Z-Axis.

The Ox CNC is a simple to assemble strong designed pinion gear driven CNC router that can achieve very fast speeds due to the belt and pulley or gear rack and pinion transmission. The Ox CNC is considered an upgrade to the many different ‘carve’ alternatives that are available. The Ox CNC was the foundation that the WorkBee CNC was based on.

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Mechanical Kit

A Mechanical Kit is a perfect choice if you plan on bringing your own CNC Controller, Stepper Motors, or other Electronics.

The mechanical kit is the foundation of your CNC Machine. A mechanical kit includes all the mechanical components needed to build your CNC Machine; All the screws, nuts, wheels, plates, washers, etc.

CNC Add-Ons are required to complete a CNC Machine. These include the electronic system that will control the machine, cable management, and the tool that will be mounted to the machine.

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Ox-GEAR Mechanical Kit 1000 x 1000 – Silver

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Ox-GEAR Mechanical Kit 1000 x 1500 – Silver

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Ox-GEAR Mechanical Kit 1500 x 1500 – Silver

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Ox-GEAR Mechanical Kit 500 x 750 – Silver

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Ox-GEAR Complete Kit – Customisable

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