OutBack CNC

The OutBack CNC Machine is our strongest, most rigid CNC Router model. The OutBack has upgraded the motion system on all Axis from our tried and tested wheel system to heavy-duty HGR and MGN linear rails with recirculating ball bearing sliders.

The OutBack CNC has also an upgrade to the X-Axis and Y-Axis C-Beam Extrusions to our famous C-Beam HEAVY which has a 72% improvement when compared to a standard C-Beam under the same conditions.

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The mechanical kit is the foundation of your CNC Machine. A mechanical kit includes all the mechanical components needed to build your CNC Machine; All the screwsnutswheelsplateswashers, etc.

A Mechanical Kit is undoubtedly a perfect choice if you plan on bringing your own CNC Controller, Stepper Motors, or other Electronics.CNC Add-Ons Packs are required to complete a CNC Machine. These Add-ons include the electronic system that will control the machine, cable management, and the tool that will be mounted to the machine.