Lead CNC

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The Maker Store Lead CNC is an offspring of the original design, using more off-the-shelf parts which encourage modifications and customizing after the initial mechanical build.

If you want a lead screw machine that you can customize this is the one for you. The Lead CNC Machine is the Maker Store recommendation due to its extra supports for rigidity and is one of our most popular CNC Machines.

Mechanical Kit

A Mechanical Kit is a perfect choice if you plan on bringing your own CNC Controller, Stepper Motors, or other Electronics.

The mechanical kit is the foundation of your CNC Machine. A mechanical kit includes all the mechanical components needed to build your CNC Machine; All the screws, nuts, wheels, plates, washers, etc.

CNC Add-Ons are required to complete a CNC Machine. These include the electronic system that will control the machine, cable management, and the tool that will be mounted to the machine.

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Lead V3 – Complete Kit – Customisable

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