C-Beam Machine CNC XL Kit (includes 4 x High Torque Motors)


This is a complete set of parts required for the C-Beam Machine XL CNC Router. For options and add-ons see below.

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Nema 23 Stepper Motor 2.45N.m - High Torque × 4

The Maker Store High Torque NEMA23 stepper motor is a great choice for any project that requires more power and more strength. With a holding torque of 2.45N.m (346oz.in) they are a great addition for larger machines requiring higher torque.

$39.50 each

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This is a complete set of parts required for the C-Beam Machine XL CNC build.

Maker Store C-Beam Machine Specs:

  • X Axis Travel 750mm
  • Y Axis Travel 330mm
  • Z Axis Travel 160mm

Compatible Material for Cutting/Milling:

  • Aluminum
  • Oak
  • Plexi Glass
  • Delrin
  • HDPE
  • Foam

Electronics Needed (Sold Separately):

Included Parts List/Bill Of Materials:


Maker Store – C-Beam Machine XL
SKU Qty Part Name
US-BEAR-688Z 8 Ball Bearing 688Z 8x16x5
US-BRAC-90CAST 26 Cast Corner Bracket
US-BRAC-L2 2 Double L Bracket
US-ELEC-NEMA23-635-B 4 NEMA 23 Stepper Motor – High Torque Series
US-HARD-ACME-8-1040 1 8mm Metric ACME Lead Screw – 1000mm
US-HARD-ACME-8-290 1 8mm Metric ACME Lead Screw – 290mm
US-HARD-ACME-8-540 2 8mm Metric ACME Lead Screw – 500mm
US-HARD-ACME-8-ANTIB-BLOCK 1 Anti Backlash Nut Block for 8mm Metric ACME Lead S
US-HARD-ACME-8-BLOCK 6 Nut Block for 8mm Metric ACME Lead Screw
US-HARD-COLL-8MM 8 Lock Collar – 8mm
US-HARD-COUP-635X8 4 1/4″ x 8mm Flexible Coupling
US-HARD-NUT-LOCK-5MM Nylon Insert Hex Locknut
US-LR-2040-S-1000 1 V-Slot® Linear Rail – 20x40x1000mmxSilver
US-LR-2060-S-1000 2 V-Slot® Linear Rail – 20x60x1000mmxSilver
US-LR-2060-S-500 2 V-Slot® Linear Rail – 20x60x500mmxSilver
US-LR-C-S-1000 1 C-Beam™ Linear Rail – 1000mm
US-LR-C-S-250 3 C-Beam Linear Rail – 250mm
US-LR-C-S-500 2 C-Beam Linear Rail – 500mm
US-PLATE-90-5 10 90 Degree Joining Plate
US-PLATE-C-END 8 C-Beam® End Mount
US-PLATE-C-GANTRY-XL 7 C-Beam® Gantry Plate – Xlarge
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-10-1 34 Low Profile Screws M5 – 10mm
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-15-1 24 Low Profile Screws M5 – 15mm
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-20-1 46 Low Profile Screws M5 – 20mm
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-25-1 6 Low Profile Screws M5 – 25mm
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-30-1 13 Low Profile Screws M5 – 30mm
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-40-1 4 Low Profile Screws M5 – 40mm
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-55-1 8 Low Profile Screws M5 – 55mm
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-65-1 16 Low Profile Screws M5 – 60mm
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-8-1 64 Low Profile Screws M5 – 8mm
US-SHIM-ECCENTRIC 15 Eccentric Spacers – 1/4″
US-SHIM-SPAC-6MM 15 Aluminum Spacers – 6mm
US-SHIM-SPAC-20MM 8 Aluminum Spacers – 20mm
US-SHIM-SPAC-3MM 14 Aluminum Spacers – 3mm
US-SHIM-SPAC-40MM 8 Aluminum Spacers – 40mm
US-SHIM-SPAC-9MM 12 Aluminum Spacers – 9mm
US-WHEEL-XTREME-SOLID-V-KIT 30 Xtreme Solid V Wheel™ Kit
  • Spindle, spindle mount, controller and power supply, wires and limit switches are not included (see Add-Ons sections above)
  • For variations please email heidi@makerstore.com.au

Instructions/Example Builds:

Please note that this build requires more than just assembly and may require tapping and/or cutting. If you have any questions please let us know.

Tools Required:

  • 3mm Allen key
  • Screw driver
  • 8mm spanner/wrench
  • 10mm spanner/wrench
  • hacksaw (or other means to cut the V-Slot)
  • M5 Tap
  • Wire cutters


Designed and built by Mark Carew and published on the OpenBuilds community website under the CC – Attribution – CC BY license.


Additional information

Nema 23 Stepper Motor 2.45N.m - High Torque

Weight 1.24 kg
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 6 cm


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