BlackBox Motion Control System


NOTE: The BlackBox has been replaced with the new and upgraded CNC xPRO V5

We are no longer offering the BlackBox system. If you require a warranty please contact us at

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Welcome to the future in CNC machine control.  OpenBuilds all-in-one plug and play BlackBox Motion Control System is revolutionising CNC.

The BlackBox is an all in one motion control system that is an amazing innovation that will pave the way for all motion controllers in its class!
After years of research and development, the BlackBox is finally here, and it is all that we expected it to be!

Offering a Plug and Play easy connection system that works directly with the OpenBuilds Xtension wiring ecosystem this controller is easy to use, and extremely powerful! The BlackBox uses 4 High Powered 3.2A Stepper Drivers with a Max rating of 4A to provide the user with more than enough power to control their projects.

CNC Routers, Plasma Cutters, Laser Cutters or any other CNC Machine – the BlackBox will handle the job thanks to its multiple connection options. The OpenBuilds Xtension Wiring EcoSystem makes it super easy to connect with any tool head without comprising on security thanks to our multiple limit switches.

What is Included

  • 1 x Muscle Board (Stepper Drivers)
  • 1 x Brains Board (CPU)
  • 6 x BlackBox Panels
  • 1 x 60mm 24v Cooling Fan
  • 2 x Cooling Heatsinks for Drivers
  • 1 x Switch Cap
  • Xtension Connectors
  • Assembly Hardware Set


  • Configurable Relay for generic use cases (Plasma trigger, Coolant Pumps, Spindle control, etc )
  • Auxiliary Serial Input for alternative connectivity expansion
  • USB Interface for Plug and Play
  • Up to 24v 5A switched output for coolant devices such as 24v DC pumps, solenoids, contactors, or Solid State Relays
  • Input Power Polarity protection with indicator LED
  • 10 Amp Input Power Fuse
  • 5v PWM and 5v Direction Spindle Signals
  • 0-10v Analog Spindle Control Signal Output for VFD Spindles
  • Door Interlock signal connector to allow machines with enclosures to pause/resume when the door opens/closes


  • Plug and Play easy connectors that work directly with the OpenBuilds Xtension wiring ecosystem
  • 3 x Endstop inputs with optional power output (Selectable 5v/24v) for use with mechanical or powered
    switches such as Inductive sensor
  • Endstop inputs are protected against high voltages to allow for use of 24v Inductive Sensors
  • XYZ Probe input
  • Slave Axis configurable as a slave X, Y or Z




  • Easily reachable Current Adjustment Potentiometers
  • Power Switch (no more reaching for the power strip or unplugging)
  • Built in cooling solution/through airflow design









  • Powered by ATmega328p 8 bit Microcontroller running Grbl 1.1
  • All new high end Enclosure/Case included, with built in back-lit indication LEDs
  • Dimensions 171mm (mounting flange included) x 80mm x 36.4mm
  • Muscle & Brains boards stacked configuration
  • Easy V-Slot compatible Mounting
  • Well planned locations of all connectors to allow for logical cable management




OpenBuilds CONTROL for easy setup and configuration






Assembly :

OpenBuilds BlackBox Documentation

Additional information

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Dimensions 22 × 15 × 9 cm


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