WorkBee CNC

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Based on C-Beam, V-Slot, Xtreme Solid V-Wheels, and TR8x8(P2) Leadscrews the WorkBee is strong, accurate, and reliable. It has been carefully designed and can accurately cut wood, foam, plastic, soft metals, and more to 0.05-0.1mm accuracy or better.

The simplicity in design makes the WorkBee CNC Machine a great machine for someone who is new to CNC Machining. There are many forums, groups, and online communities that are based entirely around the WorkBee CNC Machine, finding information on this machine is very easy.

Mechanical Kit

The mechanical kit is the foundation of your CNC Machine. A mechanical kit includes all the mechanical components needed to build your CNC Machine; All the screws, nuts, wheels, plates, washers, etc.

CNC Add-Ons are required to complete a CNC Machine. These include the electronic system that will control the machine, cable management, and the tool that will be mounted to the machine.