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The Actuator Kit is available in 3 lengths; 300, 500 and 1000. The following instructions are the same for each length kit. Depending on the version of the kit, the Stepper Motor and mounting hardware may or may not be included. The Kits are available here: The post ACTUATOR KIT [...]
Sat, Jul 15, 2017
Maker Store
At Maker Store we try hard to listen to feedback from our customers. Following many requests we have had new lengths of C-Beam specially made. Maker Store is proud to announce C-Beam is now available in 1500mm and 3000mm lengths. CLICK HERE TO ORDER Note: “C-Beam” is a trademark [...]
Wed, Mar 08, 2017
Maker Store
OX CNC Assembly Instructions V1.2 07 2017
NOW AVAILABLE: Maker Store Ox CNC Kit Assembly Instructions OX CNC Assembly Instructions V1.2 07 2017 OX-CNC-Assembly-Instructions-v1.2-07-2017.pdf Version: 1.2 4.3 MiB 1463 [...]
Fri, Dec 16, 2016
Maker Store
Maker Store - OpenBuilds OX CNC Router - Large 300px
At Maker Store we are often asked what else is required to complete an Ox CNC build. In response we have put together a list of essential and extra items. Essentials: 3 (or 4) x NEMA23 1 x NEMA17 (or 4 x NEMA23s) 12V or 24V Power Supply Spindle 4 Core Shielded Cable [...]
Wed, Dec 16, 2015
Maker Store
There are many different screw types and lengths. The below guide is an overview of some of these and the most common lengths used with V-Slot and accessories. Head Type At Maker Store we sell Low Profile, Button Head and Cap Head Screws. Screw Diameter Sizes Most of the V-slot profile and [...]
Tue, Nov 17, 2015
Maker Store
Servo Test Program
While playing with Visual Studio (free download) and testing how to interface a Windows based program with an Arduino UNO I put together a little program to test a servo motor. There are a couple of steps to take: 1. Load the Arduino Sketch onto the UNO using the normal [...]
Sun, Oct 18, 2015
Maker Store
Maker Store Core X-Y V-Slot Laser Cutter A 500mm x 500mm v-slot laser cutter. Cutting/engraving is done by a M140 2W 445nm laser diode. Motion is by a core x-y system using v-slot. Only one non-standard plate is required for the build. All other parts in the mechanical build are available [...]
Thu, May 28, 2015
Maker Store
Actuator Kit Now Available V-Slot Linear Actuator prototype plates cut from 3mm perspex. There are two end plates (same design) and a modification of the standard V-Slot Gantry Plate. The gantry plate is 100mm long (instead of the standard 127mm) to fit within the width of the actuator. An Acme Nut [...]
Thu, May 07, 2015
Maker Store
Everman 1
Everman belt drive system The Everman belt drive system (aka “Positioner utilizing engaged toothed gear belts, one static and one dynamic”) is a simple modification that reduces the stretch or flex of a timing belt over long drive systems. When used with V-slot it simply involves securing by glue or tape [...]
Tue, Mar 24, 2015
Maker Store
Published on Thingverse Instructions for a DIY CNC cut Raspberry Pi 2 B Case. Cut out of 3mm clear perspex. The post Instructions for a DIY CNC-ed Raspberry Pi 2 B Case appeared first on Maker Store. [...]
Fri, Feb 06, 2015
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