Ox CNC Mechanical Kit – Large

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This is a complete set of parts required for the mechanical build of the OpenBuilds Ox CNC Router.


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Micro Limit Switch Kit with Mounting Plate

Either 3 or 6 (3 for home and 3 for limit) are recommended

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Emergency Stop Button

Essential for any CNC build

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CNC Shield

Combine with our Arduino Uno (Compatible) for your GRBL controller

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Arduino Uno (Compatible)

Use with the CNC Shield for your GRBL controller

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Cable Drag Chain

Use these on the X and Y axis to keep all cables neat and tidy

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Cable Drag Chain Ends

Need 2 (pairs) of these, one pair for the X and one of the Y axis

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This is a complete set of parts required for the mechanical build of the Large Ox CNC Router.


Included Parts List:

Part Number QTY Description
US-BEAR-688Z 2 Ball Bearing 688Z
US-BELT-GT3-1M 5 GT3 Timing Belt – By the METER
US-BELT-GT3-TP20 3 GT3 Aluminum Timing Pulley – 20
US-BRAC-90CAST 10 Cast – 90 Degree Corner Bracket
US-BRAC-L2 8 Universal L Brackets – Double
US-HARD-ACME-8-300 1 300mm 8mm Metric Lead Screw / ACME
US-HARD-ACME-8-BLOCK 1 8mm Acme Nut Block
US-HARD-COLL-8MM 2 8mm Lock Collar
US-HARD-COUP-635X8 1 6.35mm x 8mm Flexible Coupling
US-LR-2040-S-1000 3 V-Slot 20 x 40mm 1000mm
US-LR-2040-S-1500 2 V-Slot 20 x 40mm 1500mm
US-LR-2060-S-1000 2 V-Slot 20 x 60mm 1000mm
US-LR-2060-S-280 1 V-Slot 20 x 60mm 280mm
US-LR-2080-S-1500 2 V-Slot 20 x 80mm 1500mm
US-PLATE-90-5 4 5 Hole 90 Degree Joining Plate
US-PLATE-ROD-NEMA23 2 Threaded Rod Plate – NEMA23
US-PLATES-OX-SET 1 Ox Plates (Version 3)
US-PLATE-SPACER 2 Spacer Block (V-Slot)
US-SHIM-ECCENTRIC 13 Eccentric Spacers – 10mm Hex
US-SHIM-PREC-1051 40 Precision Shim – 10x5x1mm
US-SHIM-SPAC-3MM-10 12 Metric Aluminum Spacers 3mm
US-SHIM-SPAC-40MM 3 Metric Aluminum Spacer 40mm
US-SHIM-SPAC-1/4 19 Metric Aluminum Spacers 6.35mm 1/4″


Part Number QTY Description
US-HARD-NUT-LOCK-5MM 31 Nylon Insert Locknut
US-SCREWS-M5-CAP-65 4 M5 Cap Head Screws – 65mm
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-10 20 10mm M5 Low Profile Screws
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-15 10 15mm M5 Low Profile Screws
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-20 14 20mm M5 Low Profile Screws
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-30 14 30mm M5 Low Profile Screws
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-45 6 45mm M5 Low Profile Screws
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-55 3 55mm M5 Low Profile Screws
US-SCREWS-M5-LP-8 74 8mm M5 Low Profile Screws



  • The size of the machine (not the cut size) is 1500x1000mm
  • The coupling and plates for the Z-Axis are for a NEMA23 stepper motor
  • Stepper motors, spindle, spindle mount, controller and power supply, wires and limit switches are not included (see Add Ons sections above)
  • For variations (i.e., black V-Slot, Xtreme wheels or etc) please email heidi@makerstore.com.au

Assembly Instructions:


Instructions/Example Builds:

Please note that this build requires more than just assembly and may require tapping and/or cutting. If you have any questions please let us know.


Tools Required:

  • 3mm Allen key
  • Screw driver
  • 8mm spanner/wrench
  • 10mm spanner/wrench
  • hacksaw (or other means to cut the V-Slot)
  • M5 Tap
  • Wire cutters




Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 153 × 9 × 15 cm


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