20x20mm Black V-Slot 2nd


These are  2nds, meaning, they do not meet our high-quality standards.  However, they are still useful for prototyping and building structural frames.

Available in  500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm lengths.

Sold as-is, no refund

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Purchase our 20x20mm Black V-Slot 2nd at a huge discount.

Here at Maker Store, we are determined to sell the best quality products at the best prices.   This allows us to offer our price and product guarantee. In order to offer this guarantee and achieve our goal, we work diligently with our manufacturers and suppliers to keep the prices down.  Also, we make sure that all of the products we sell are a premium product that they meet our high standards.

When new stock is delivered we follow a strict quality control process and check.  All product is visually inspected and measured to make sure it meets the quality our customers have come to expect.  This means that every product we sell as a first must be visually perfect, must be within fine manufacturing tolerances, and must be damage-free.  We will not sell anything as a first that we would not want to buy ourselves.  If any product does not meet our high-quality standards, that product is deemed a Second (2nd) and offer here for sale at a discount.

20x20mm Black V-Slot 2nd are great to use for

  • a person on a budget who does not care if their machine is pretty, just that it is functional
  • an individual that project needs structural beams for building items such as a case or a table
  • for someone who is prototyping a new idea

Why do we classify them as 20x20mm Black V-Slot 2nds?

  • Cosmetic damage – scratch or dent or discoloration
  • Error in manufacturing – tolerances are outside of our standard
  • Damage – edges out of square, ding or knick in metal, etc.

Most 2nds are deemed 2nds because of cosmetic damage not because of errors in manufacturing or damage.  When we pick orders for seconds we always pick the best first.

We always recommend that functional parts of any project should be built using our premium products, but 2nds are a great alternative when it is not absolutely necessary.

Because stock is limited we recommend you check back often.  Products are sold as-is no returns.

See our other clearance items to plan your new project.

Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 150 × 2 × 2 cm

500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm